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Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in Battleweb ("BW" below).

As you'll see when you install the extension, BW can "read and change all your data on the websites you visit (unless Incognito), and display notifications." Unfortunately, such access is necessary to embed a game like this into a web page.

BW does not store or send any of your web page data back to the server with the exception of what websites you visit, and what your mouse position is on that site. IMPORTANT NOTE: BW does not look at the specific page you are on, only the domain of the page. For example, if you open and log into your banking account, BW only knows that you are on the website. BW does not capture keystrokes other than the S key to shoot the gun.

Other players will be able to see what websites you are currently active on, and follow you around the internet. This is an essential part of the social gameplay.

BW will never sell your email or information to third parties, will never send you unsolicited email, and will never annoy you with notifications. The email you provide when creating an account is used only for logging in and forgotten password actions.

BW is hosted on Google Firebase, a secure, trusted, and scalable platform used by thousands of websites and mobile apps like Shazam, Lyft, and Venmo. All communications with the server are encrypted by industry-standard SSL with strong 2048 bit keys handled by Google.

BW uses Google Analytics for aggregated usage monitoring.

Please email with any questions or concerns.